I'm a wedding photographer who lives in Brisbane. Normally quite shy, I struggle to describe myself. Friends describe me as friendly and considerate. Clients have described me as professional, collaborative, and that I show genuine interest in those who I photograph with a knack for capturing the essences of an event.

I enjoy the tranquility of photographing the many scenic icons around Brisbane including the Storey Bridge. The slow, methodical approach of landscape photography has a calming affect and forces me to be in the moment and not worry about things I couldn't possibly control.

I like to continually challenge myself, and up the pace a little. Photographing concerts in and around Brisbane has proven to be a very rewarding challenge. Unable to control what is unfolding before me, I've learnt how to bring out the best in the various performers. I've learnt to tell the story whether it's a slow duo, or a fast passed seven piece rock band.

What's this got to do with weddings? Well, nothing really. A wedding is perhaps one of the most important days of someone's life. It is a day you are at the center of. A day that starts with you surrounded with family and friends, and ends with an amazing party.

Photographically though, a wedding requires a breadth of knowledge to capture all the memories as they unfold. From the relaxing calm of makeup and champagne in the morning to the energy on the dance floor at the end of the night. I take pride in my work and recognise that my images play an important role for reflecting back on this big day.